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The precision of the equipment is the effective means to improve product quality. Zhejiang Jintang machine limited company invested from Japan, USA, Taiwan introduced advanced equipment and technology, the formation of the domestic first-class production lines, technical level rises ceaselessly, expanding production capacity, first-class products to meet customer demand at home and abroad.

Foundry Branch:

Zhejiang Jintang machine limited company with planning and design annual production capacity of 10000 tons of casting production lines, can be cast a maximum weight of 10 tons of machine tools and mechanical foundation, with 5T / H environmental protection cupola furnace 2, 3T a, 10T / H, 5T / H continuous sand mixing machine the number of units, through type shot blasting machine cleaning chamber and a rotary cleaning rooms each one, hook type, crawler cleaning chamber of the 2 sets, resistance type annealing furnace and other large casting, cleaning and heat treatment equipment, optical spectrum analyzer test equipment.

Zhejiang Jintang machine limited company casting branch has an independent foundry technology development center, testing center and product testing center. To attract a large number of outstanding technical staff. Through the absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad, and constantly improve their own level, forming a casting and processing industry chain. With the domestic and foreign machine manufacturers to provide casting, processing and manufacturing capacity.