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How to improve the reliability of CNC machine tools
2021-03-19 20:01:30

As we all know, the use of high-performance, high-reliability CNC systems, servo drives and high-quality supporting components in the design of machine tools can greatly improve the reliability of domestic CNC machine tools. Since the same type of CNC machine tool is also selected from the same type of CNC system, the gap between domestic machine tools and imported CNC machine tools in terms of accuracy and performance is not too large, and it still has certain advantages in after-sales service and price, but The two have different reputations in the minds of users. This is an urgent problem to be solved in front of domestic CNC machine tool manufacturers. The reasons are many. The key lies in the source, namely the design, service and management level of domestic CNC machine tool manufacturers.

The following describes how our company enhances the quality awareness of employees through reliability design in the process of designing and manufacturing multi-station CNC combined machine tools, ensures product quality with work quality, improves the reliability of CNC machine tools, and provides users with satisfactory and applicable products. And continue to win user orders.

1. Demonstrate the feasibility of product design schemes through process tests

The multi-station CNC combined machine tool designed and manufactured by our company is a special machine tool for deep and small hole processing. On the basis of in-depth understanding of user needs, first of all, the key technology involved in user needs-"deep and small hole processing technology" was subjected to process tests, and the feasibility of product design solutions was demonstrated through process tests to ensure that the designed products can meet user needs .

2. Adopt mature modular components

The structural design of the multi-station CNC combined machine tool adopts our company's mass-produced modular components, such as a CNC sliding table with linear rolling guides, a small drilling power head, and a high-precision CNC rotary table.

3. Sum up experience and lessons

Analyze the quality information feedback from the previous production combination machine tools and after-sales service, and put forward improvement requirements for problems such as machine tool protection, wiring and appearance.

4. Selection of high-quality control systems and components

The machine tool uses high-performance, high-reliability CNC system, servo drive device, supporting functional parts, electrical components, and detection components to ensure the reliability of the machine tool.

The CNC system of the machine tool uses the POWERMATE-D motion controller of Japan FANUC. It has two-axis control function and can also control an analog / digital spindle. The two servo axes can be configured in one channel or in two. In the channel. The system has an integrated PLC, which can connect up to 16 POWERMATE-D motion controllers through the FANUCI / OLINK serial data transmission bus. Multiple motion controllers can share a CRT / MDI display. These characteristics make the distributed control system composed of the motion controller have good scalability, especially suitable for various multi-station CNC combined machine tools with different number of stations.

The servo drive is equipped with FANUCa series digital AC servo system. The high-precision CNC rotary table closed-loop position detection element uses the round grating produced by the German HEIDENHAIN company.

5. Correct use of the functions of the CNC system

In the application of high-performance CNC systems, due to incorrect parameter settings and unreasonable logic control programs, CNC machine tools often leave the factory with problems. Only when users use the problems have they discovered that they have affected the reputation of the product. For example, when the pitch error compensation function of the system is used to correct the positioning accuracy of the CNC turntable, incorrect parameter settings will cause the turntable to rotate and position in the same direction, but will bring more and more errors; incorrect acceleration and deceleration time constants The setting will cause impact on the transmission mechanism of the machine tool.

The macro function B of the application system realizes parameterized programming and simplifies operation. According to the process characteristics of deep and small hole processing, the macro function B of the system is applied to realize parameterized programming, so that the user only needs to modify the corresponding process parameters (total processing length, number of grading occupations, progress Feed speed, feed length, etc.), so that operators who do not know CNC programming can also operate the machine tool. In addition, the workpiece number retrieval function of the application system enables the machine tool to select the corresponding machining program through the selection switch when processing different parts.

6. Carefully design the logic control program to enhance the diagnosis function

Pay attention to the design of the logic control program of the CNC machine tool. In addition to carefully designing the logic control program and safety interlock function necessary for the machine tool, the information function and alarm function of the system PLC are applied to design the necessary operation prompts and diagnostic information to enhance the CNC machine tool Diagnostic function, easy to guide user operation and maintenance.

7. Elaborate manufacturing and strict assessment

The company's leaders attach importance to employee education, all employees use work quality to ensure product quality, strictly abide by process specifications, and insist on the evaluation of CNC machine tools for 100h continuous operation. The speed of evaluation operation is based on the user's required productivity. In the online debugging of CNC machine tools, the servo diagnosis function of the FANUC CNC system can be used to assist in checking the processing quality and assembly quality of the parts of the feed transmission mechanism.

8. Do a good job of software backup and version management of CNC machine tools

The FANUCPOWERMATE-D motion controller is equipped with a flash memory card, which can back up system parameters, PLC logic control programs and parts processing programs. When the system fails and the system needs to be replaced, this backup can quickly restore the system to normal operation. Of course, it also provides convenience for the mass production of CNC machine tool manufacturers and shortens the online debugging cycle.

9. Build good service methods

Prepare detailed operating instructions and maintenance instructions to guide users in use and maintenance. Do user training and after-sales service to make users satisfied.