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Zhejiang focuses on the development of ten major industrial clusters including modern instruments
2021-03-19 20:01:39

How important is the equipment manufacturing industry to Zhejiang? A person from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission has made a simple analogy: "In Zhejiang, there are many enterprises producing socks, but most of the machines that make socks are imported. We urgently need to develop our own equipment manufacturing industry." The equipment manufacturing industry has become one of the directions of Zhejiang's industrial structure adjustment.

Zhu Gejian, director of the Investment Division of Zhejiang Economic and Trade Commission, said that in the 30 years of reform and development, especially since the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province has developed rapidly. As of 2007, there were 19,984 manufacturing enterprises above designated size in the province, with 3.051 million employees, a total industrial output value of 1,240.39 billion yuan, and an added value of 262.22 billion yuan. 15 more.

According to reports, from the perspectives of the industry competitiveness research of the provincial equipment manufacturing industry and the inter-provincial comparative research on the competitiveness of the equipment manufacturing industry, among the industries of the provincial equipment manufacturing industry, the competitive advantages of traditional labor-intensive industries are relatively obvious, while The competitiveness of high-tech industries and emerging industries is relatively low. From the perspective of industrial profitability, the provincial equipment manufacturing industry has good profitability, but the asset profit margin has declined in recent years; it shows from another angle that the product structure of the provincial equipment manufacturing industry needs to be improved. From the perspective of product capabilities, the export-oriented degree of the provincial equipment manufacturing industry has been relatively high, and its export capacity is at a leading level in the country.

Zhu Gejian revealed that next, Zhejiang Province will focus on the development of CNC.